metastock help?


Iv never used a computer program for tech. analysis before. Is metastock easy to use (its seems awfully complex)? Is there some way to learn how to use it? (assuming i know about the different ways of analysing anyway eg moving average)

also are there any other programs which are more user-friendly and less expensive ($500!)?

also how does one configure their program for indian stocks coz they seem more usa-centric?

plz help someone coz im dying to get started on this,


Try using the Quickstart tutorial on the help menu. Or go to this thread and try the videos:
metastock is very user friendly.
In help you will get everything what you want.
In explorer you can scrutinize the all securities.
You can also do programming in explorer to see breakout,52week high,
volume breakout etc.
You can also develop your own indicator by programming in indicator builder.
Expert advisor is also fine.
You will get full information in metastock help to expore metastock at its full

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