MCX historical data attached 1 min IEOD -6months

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Hello Traderji member

Many members want MCX data in 1 min format .
Please find below MCX data for all major script in 1 min format .

I will try to post more data

Its ready made amibroker database .no need to upload into amibroker .
you need only map the folder from the open database option

kindly post your feedback


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Dear shareking27,

Please post this in " Data feed " section for the benefit of all.

Thanks for your efforts.

I am looking for last 2-3 years data for MCX commodities (1 minute format), if you have please give the link for benefit of all.

And yes, if possible keep updating your database regularly.

Thanks again.



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I need NSE Cash intraday data, Can you please post here ?


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nifty 50 stocks from nov 2013 to may 2014
Hi Manoj
I do not have all the N50 scrips, only a few
Will post by Sunday evening, as I will be out of station for next 2 days.

Do remind me once, if I do not post it by Sunday 6 pm

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