MAS Techinical software any Idea??

#1 find free open source software available for techincal analysis.Has anybody used this software.
This might be useful for those who cant afford Metastock.
arun said:
Interesting find... I'll see if I can try it out. lists out following softwares for downloading free.

metastock9 pro

I want to use them for EOD data.
what are minimum hardware requirements.
pl guide.
I have celeron 533, 10 gb hdd, 64mb ram, windows98.
whether this wiil do?
for elwave this is ok
but for metastock9 pro they have not given hardware requirements.
hence this question.
Hi Manjunaths,

This MAS Software is a little complicated. The site itself is a little confusing.
If you are using the software and can throw better light on it....might be of use to all the members in the forum.

I've used mas but only using end-of-day data (start,end,high,low,volume). If you can explain what problems you are facing, then I can try and help you. There are different ways to store the stock data; in my setup, I store data in a postgressql database. To download the data itself, I use the 'beancounter' program (another free program available on linux which downloads the data from yahoo and stores it into the database). Note I am using mas on linux, I've no experience with windows.
Hi! vinaynaik
Great to come across another Linux user who is an active investor/trader
I use RedHat8 as my current Linux distro.
I use Qtstalker as my EOD stock analysis software.
You can download the source code from here
You have to compile it as binaries are provided only for Debian.
Apart from Linux machine, it requires Qt ver > 3.2
It is included in Debian Sarge distro.

You have to use it.!
Though it is not as extensive and polished as Metastock but for GPLed software for Linux it is worth a try.

Features: ( as per the docs )
A point-and-click object-oriented graphical user interface.
Chart plugins include line, bar, candlestick, point and figure, and swing.
Customizable colors. Logarithmic and linear arithmetic scaling. Scale to screen.
Indicators plugins include MACD, MAs, Bollinger Bands, RSI, and dozens more.
Chart drawing objects: trendlines, buy/sell arrows, horizontal and vertical lines, fibonacci retracement lines, text.
Quote plugins download data from online sources such as Yahoo, CME, NYBOT.
Data import plugins for plain-text CSV files and MySQL database.
The "Plugin" architecture for quotes and indicators enables easy future extensibility.
Daily, weekly and monthly chart compression (intra-day in development)
Various data classes to support for investment types such as stocks, futures, indices, ratios and spreads.
A back testing function allowing indicator performance tests using actual trading data.
A very basic portfolio manager. Good for tracking open positions. (Suggestions welcome.)
A Scanner that can scan the qtstalker database for charts that meet a user defined criteria

Hello everybody,

This is Sanjay from Udaipur. Truly speaking I'm very new to stock trading and I'm getting acquainted with all practices, terms of the trade and how to go about online trading. My background is from softwares and mysql driven dynamic web sites. At this stage of my getting into stock trading, I'm keen to first equip myself with ample tools and analyse and understand the market before I can go ahead with investing real money into it.

I'm in need of three things at this stage,

  1. Live data feed source for BSE and NSE.. I need live data of at least 200 highly traded stocks ..refreshing at least in 30 seconds ( I read somewhere on traderjee that you can get livefeed from walletwatch...I downloaded quotetracker but haven't tried it yet on live market...I'm not sure if it's truly live or delayed.. please let me know.....I'm ready to pay a few bucks but I want true live that I can rely on the data and trade accordingly.)
  2. I need a tool to download this live feed and store the live prices and other data into a mysql database. I expected quotetracker to do that.. but it doesn't seem it will do.. does MAS supports that? I'm going to run MAS on my WinXP system.
  3. At last I need a true TECHNICAL ANALYSIS SOFTWARE such as MAS... but I want to tell you all here that I downloaded MAS 1.6.6q release... its setup-mas1.6.6q.exe file and is of 5,306 MBs ... I installed it on my XP based system.. there are only 2 links in MAS folder in my start menu.. they are 'MAS' and 'Uninstall MAS'. Now when I try to run the MAS, there is a MAS Control Panel menu opening up with 4 buttons and there is another MAS alert window opening up and saying ERROR - Access is denied! I press OK and it's all over! There are no icons installed on the desktop as has been described here :

    Other MAS users, please tell me if this really works and what I need to do to make it work...

My friend trades through ICICIdirect, please let me know if this is the best online broker from India ... ( Is there some means to get live feed from an ICICIdirect account ? This must be truly live..)

I'll be waiting to hear from fellow members of this forum...
This is a new member over here and promises to be an active member of this forum in all future to come.

Best regards for everyone over here,
Sanjay Kapoor.
Hai Sanjay,

I tried to run MAS on WINXP but was not successful.They told me that installing Service Pack 2 will solve my problem,But it didnt.I am having Win Xp
home edition may be professional Edition with Service Pack 2 will solve your

But I suggest you to look at Fcharts from thats the best free
software available.

altraderji said:
DO not ever try ICICIDirect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! visit or this forum lot of people ar e crying abt in my last post I hv said abt the brokerage rate.....their are ten times costly.....and double of tht there nonsense website...which is lousy at best....
Hmmm! Pretty damning remarks. Another ICICIDirect hater it seems. You can't please them all, can you? :cool:
Thanks manjunaths and altraderji,
You have offered me a great insight that I truly required. Please accept my sincere thanks for the same. Let me check out all avenues that you have proposed and the ways you have directed me to follow. I myself was shocked to almost .95% commission that ICICIdirect charges... I truly thought its better to be an online stock broker rather than investing into stocks! Its hard to understand where thatmuch money goes even though everything is automated and electronically managed! It means for every 1000 crores traded, ICICI wants 10 crores every day.. whether YOU MAKE PROFIT OR LOSS! I'll truly need to understand where does thismuch money is required to be spent!
Anyway, it's open market and everyone has right to define their own price... same way, the market has the right to decide the price too! I'll speculate all routes before I put my real money in.

Thanks manjunaths and ali jee,
I get back to you soon. But I still don't understand why my friend has been trading on ICICIdirect since last 4 years and has almost 50 lakhs invested and managed through ICICIdirect... I'll sure discuss this with him too... pleease keep this discussion going.


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