Market Magazines?

Hi everyone,

I wanted to know does anyone refer or subscribe to any market magazines and what they think of them.

I read Dalal Street Journal and Fortune India. Dalal Street Journal (DSJ), while having a tacky contrived name, is an information powerhouse, and really keeps you abreast on the market. I find their reviews and scrip choices very good and quite often match up with the stocks i research myself. I pretty much look for stock reccs. there and after doing my own fundamental research on it, use TA to trade those stocks. They also give you great momentum/volume stocks which are good for short-term TA trading. While i know you cant rely on anyone (incl. newsprint) for reccs., i find their reccs. are well researched, and barring the few odd ones are on track. I feel if one has his own experience in trading skills, this magazine is a great supplement to have. I think i should stop here, or saint and other co-members are going to accuse me of marketing DSJ! lol

Fortune India on the other hand is a complete waste of newsprint and money. I just wish i could cancel my subscription. Their stock picks are quite un-researched and out-of-date and seemed to be consisently picked up from 3-4 month old DSJs. I would'nt recommend anyone buying this magazine... useless!

DSJ also has a weekly 4-pg newsletter called FlashNews which is basically quick momentum calls and these are only suited for punters or people desperate to lose some money. Sometimes they make a good rec sometimes bad. not for intelligent readers!

I havent come across any other magazines. has anyone come across any and did they like them? senior members, and other members alike, does anyone refer to any magazines?


Yeah, I have been observing the same for DSJ. Their BUY calls are well researched. I am trying to find out where can I get the magazine online for the BUY calls. Let me know.


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capital markets is another good option but i too think dsj is the best not for recommendations but for the information bank and the articles


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I too have subscription of DSJ mainly because of their databank. Since last about one month it has been enhanced to include almost 95% of companies traded on BSE and NSE. But their customer relation needs much more improvement. For example, I receive my copy of DSJ, well almost 25 days after its publication. I have complained to them on various ocassion about it. But it is of no use. My another friend also has same problem. He follows their recommendations. You can imagine his agony if he receives the magazine after 25 days of its publication. He has subscription to flash news also. There also same situation. None of us were able to figure out where the delay is happening. But my friend requested them several times to provide their recommendations on mobile phone. They have published and advertised that they will be providing their recommendations to their print magazine subscribers on mobile free of cost. But all requests of my friend has fallen on deaf ears. He is not bothered about data bank etc. Since he is not getting recommendations on time, he feels that it is useless for him and he has decided not to renew his subscription next time. Well that is his view depending upon his need. If anyone from DSJ is reading this thread please please note that your services towards customers needs far far more improvement. You need to understand that it is your duty to give atleast a reply to your customers. Realise it before it is too late. I am sorry to post this here in this forum. I am constrained to do this as direct contact with you through emails, letters and telephone calls are just waste of time, money and energy.
Thanks and regards
R. S. Iyer
You can now view DSJ online if you are a subscriber. The website say you will get the complete issue online 2 days before it hits the market. You may want to check it out.


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My friend has requested for that fecility also (i.e. for viewing magazine on net). Even that request has also gone unanswered. The fact is that DSJ people are not going to answer any of requests, correspondence etc. I fail to understand this attitude.

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