Margin against Fixed deposit? Any broker?


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#13 just lazy..they dont have all the facilities provided by exchanges.... and moreover they are based in Bangalore... so it is easier to say...NO...just use any other Broker from Mumbai...they should be able to help you...
surprise to know this.
The only Broker which accept FD as Margin of NSE F&O is Globe Capital Market Limited .
conditions are as follows
  1. Minimum FDR should be Rs.500000
  2. Deposit your fund in your trading a/c and send mail request for making FDR (Amount) (Tenure)
    just two days process.
    then you can use full 100% amount as margin.
    Interest accrued will be credited on 31st March of every year after deducting TDS.
This Margin cannot use for purchasing Shares (any)

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