Managed accounts for Forex


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i would suggest to look at signal copy website and copy trades from few live account.
if want to copy then always copy from live account only and not demo. signal provider must have live $ account and not live cent account.
mql5,cmirror,robocopy just google them........

hope that helps


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I don't get what you mean. Please show me the screenshot so I can understand what you mean.
You can ask me directly via skype : audrey.bernington
Each currency has a Pip to USD ratio ... EU has 1:1 ratio ... meaning each pip movement is equal to USD, neither higher like EG not smaller like EA / GA etc ...
Check this site to know more ... ...

In case EU moves 100 pips ... and if you have taken 1 standard lot (10$ a pip) ... profit will be 1000$ ....
That way, in your statement, when you have made 97+ pips on 1 standard lot, profit has to be 970$, neither more nor less, whereas your statement shows 1450$ ...
I'm surprised ... You do not know this, being a pro trader ...:confused::confused:
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i live in India from birth. I have opened a International Bank account in London and especially for the Purpose of Forex Trading. My friend Deposited money there who lives there as uk citizen. And I started doing trading from India but my all transaction places in uk and their bank.

I want to know where will i have to pay taxes on my income India or Uk?

If i transfer money in inda, then i have to pay tax again?

please solve my problem
Unlike a regular forex trading account, where you make all the trading decisions and actively buy and sell currency pairs, a managed forex account consists of a trading account where a trader or money manager trades on your behalf. The money manager cannot make deposits or withdraw funds from the account.


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Make sure you chose a manager which informs you about max possible drawdown in a trade as well as the loss limit where he stops trading and returns money. You have to know what you will get in the worst outcome.

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