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This is in reposnse to Us_junk's post on guidance on Metastock

It is as important to learn to how to learn as it is to learn TA/ Metastock.

Normally one is advised to master the basics first and then proceed to expert advisor/system tester.One should indeed be well read on the basics.

However following the lateral thinking approach and the metastock manual generate chart specific feedback using the expert advisor, we can proceed as follows.

Try to master one indicator first. Try putting the stochastics expert advisor on. Then from the indicator pull down the stochastics twice (5,3) and (15,9). Try to correlate with 3,13,39 moving averages mentioned by traderji:-

You can easily correlate the stochastics(5,3) with the stock rising and falling with the 3 day moving average. Many times the buy and sell signals are filtered by (15,9 stochastics). If the (5,3) coincides with a buy it is sometimes a false signal when (5,3) is rising or 15,9 is descending. This need not be true for all stocks or situation. Letter you can also attach the system tester to make that observation

For explorations try the ones where all the oscillators (RSI, Stochastics, ROC ) are given with moving averages and MACD and VHF. This will give you a lot of things in one exploration.

Remember that stochastics buy signals are relevant on the daily charts only if the weekly trend is up for which you may use the MACD

All this will be successful only if you have read and understood the basic concepts well.

More usfeul info:-
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