Mahindra Ugine

This is to inform Mahindra Ugine`s Minority Shareholders that those who are not in favour of the merger and want an exit option please join the Mahindra Ugine Grivence Forum.

As we are demanding an exit option in the same manner in which Mahindra`s (Promoters) have exit from Mahindra Forge , Mahindra Composite and Mahindra Hinoday Respectively
and hence Reducing their overall Shareholding.

I would also like to inform all of u that such a complaint regarding in justice done to the minority shareholders have already been given to the Mahindra Ugine Grivence Board.There are more issues regarding this matter like Mahindra`s selling there stake in unlisted Company Mahindra Hinoday and not in Mahindra Ugine hence denying Mahindra Ugine`s minority sharehlders an Open Offer.

Now i request all the shareholders of mahindra ugine to join an come forward as we all belive and have trust in Mahindra`s Group they will take our concern seriously and will resolve the matter. Those who are interested in knowing the full detail can contact me directly and i`ll be happy to share all the details with them. I`ll be visiting mumbai and will raise this issue in the AGM

Email- [email protected]
I think because of this merger shareholders of Mahindra Ugine will get 284 shares of mahindra forgings for every 100 shares of MU. Do we consider the current price of MF which is about 62 in which case MU shares have to move up substantially... or do we wait for the open offer results to come after which we will know the real price of MF which will then determine the prices of MU

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