MACD Session Trading for VTL System

In this EA we enter a trade using a simple MACD (crossover) signal only when the market is at its most active for that pair. For example, London Open to New York Close for GBPUSD. We don't open any new trades on a Friday. The trade remains open unless a signal reversal is detected and the trade is at least 10 pips in profit As the trade moves into profit the StopLoss ( TrailingStop ) is moved in the direction of the trade to lock-in' profit ( or breakeven ) until full TakeProfit is reached or a moved TrailingStop is hit or the trade is automatically exited due to a signal reversal .Therefore, trades are only exited in profit or at a comparatively large loss if the full Stop Loss is hit. On average most trades will remain open for just a few hours. However, periods of draw down lasting for a few days or even weeks are to be expected without manual intervention by the trader.

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