MACD Qualification


Hello Guys,

I'm building a system purchase but want to make a condition that would be next

Buy if MACD (Period_a, Period_b) - Signal (Period_a, Period_b, Period_c))> 0 on the monthly chart and HLV> 0 AND (EMA (C, LongSMA) - Ref (EMA (C, LongSMA), -1)> 0001 ) AND ((MACD (PERIOD1, PERIOD2) - Signal (PERIOD1, PERIOD2, Period3))> 0) at the weekly chart;
Sell ​​HLV = <0; at the weekly chart;
} "

and would like to plot a bar below the graph as pictured above, with the following condition:
"{If MACD (Perioda, Periodb) - Signal (Perioda, Periodb, Periodc))> 0 on the monthly chart, bar color green, red bar}"

remembering that every purchase is a condition in weekly chart, it would be a kind of qualification with the MACD, the monthly trend is up, buy the weekly.

Please help me, can not find much.


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