Maars-The historical data of HIGHS of this script is not encouraging.On 18.12.01-Rs.64.10/On3.12.02 Rs.24.20/On 9.5.02Rs.33.00/On 12.4.04Rs.21.20 & Lastly 0n 11.1.05 Rs.8.25(on last trading day ie.20.1.05 clodsed @ 5.85) Unless miracle happens for penny/midcaps then only u could expect to cover your cost within atleast a year.
Tips-The same is with this script.Its highs were on 15.02.002(Rs.183.55)on17.12.03(Rs. 62.45)& on 14.12.04(Rs.55.70) The lowest had been around 24-25 in last two years.There does not seem to be immediate chance of its crossing Rs.40/- ?
Better to hold on to it till it complete its yearly revival cycle.
You will never get a loss in these kind of stock if you keep watch on market and stock regularly. It is always better of to exist whenever u get 2-3 rupees on over such stock.

just buy on after two three seller freez and sell on buyer freez.

Actually the whole market is a satta market. Even big company can't return in fact the amount you invest. only manipulation of the stock price give profit chance to vigilant and a loss to others.

is anybody justify TCS price for rs.1, is tcs may give return of that much amount in real.

Hope u understand my point. Stock market is just a Satta where someone gains at the cost of many others.

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