Low Risk Nifty Options Strategy (Risk < Rs.1500)

Dear All,

I have developed a continuous monitoring program to check the option premium to come out with low risk option strategies (Neutral ones). Please check this out and let me know your thoughts

Buy 8550.0 CE 75.3
Sell 8450.0 CE 130.85
Sell 8450.0 PE 64.8
Buy 8350.0 PE 38.95

Profit 6105
Risk 1395
Risk Reward Ratio 437.63%
Downside 8368.6
Upside 8531.4


Well-Known Member
you would most likely end up losing money

unless you are an operator who can ensure that series expires precisely at 8450

at expiry any deviation of more than ~20 points from 8450 and you would start losing money maximum to the extent of ~80 points

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