Low price script to watch

Listed here some low price sript to watch., Morepan lab, Pentamdedia G, VMF softtech,J C T ,India Acrylic , Opal Industries India charge chrome,Rana sugar, Mro Tek, Goldstone Teleservices are from B1 B2 groups to watch with their
quarterly results and then make up the mind for stepping in to these shares. They can be termed turnaround script to be watched . :)
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Thanks for ur suggestions of ur low priced stks.Some of them are bottoming outand worth good tryafter the quarterly results.
I add a few more scrips to ur list---Wellwin Industries,Shakti gas,JCT Electron,JIK Industries.----joy_mitali
thank you for low price scripts suggesion but never forget about their fundamentals or invest in a one good stock instead of investing in hunderd penny junk stocks
some of the fundamentals of those scrips are still not healthy. better low priced stocks are prism cement, swil, futura polyester, oil country tubular, orissa sponge iron, thirumala chemicals, saint gobain, goodyear tyre, phoenix lamps.
Hi iitmtech and ashok,
I think if we sum up all the moderately good low priced stocks,then it lands upto:
Pentamedia Graphics,Goldstone Tele,Rana Sugar,JCT Electron,Wellwin Industries,Swil(BSE),Goodyear(v.good ,but not falls in low priced),phoenix lamps(not low priced),prism cement,Ispat(Nippon Dendro),futura Polyster.A lot of others r their,but they actually do not fall in lower side.
I somewhat agree with u iitmtech,but their has to be a rational balance between the two,to maximise ur profit.
It is also to be remembered that the very name low proced suggests that they are not fundamentally very strong,but can be traded profitably,if properly monitered.
Thank u all----joy_mitali
Hello Joy

Thank you for adding to the list and the shares listed by you Rana sugar,prism cement Guj sidh cement,sonata software ispat industries Goldstone tech futur poly nearing book value shares are suggested by you are quite impressive and will pay the investor if enterd in right time in short to long term but qutrly and yrly result must be watched.
Thank you .hope for more from u in this subject with brief history of each stock.
Hello joy ,
Sonata software,HFCL,Nag fertilisers,centurian bank,most voluminous ones please ur view.
urs sincerely,
www Nksagar.com
JK Corp seems to be a great buy rite now !
The stock has picked up and is expected to double in six months time !

Ur comments / suggestions welcome ! :)
looking to the fundamentals of wellwin ind and jik ind. none of these two
is having scope of appreciation as qtly results are poor.


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