Lost 40K today in banknifty..:-(

"How do they get my number"

Initially I too wonder, then I assume that if we opened an account with a broker and if we do active trading, Inside person may sell those numbers to required person. This happens while you buy cars, car service, two wheelers, Air conditioners, business loan etc. So while giving your numbers to anywhere to commercial firms, that numbers is going to flood with commercial calls.

So i keep two numbers , one very personel , give only to relatives and friends and another number to commercial firms, third persons.

This idea got after one seller called me and said he has CD with 50k mobile numbers, Who have more "Buying Power" customers , and they have been classified into car owners, AC owners, IT payers, Credit card holders etc. :annoyed:
Yeah, and then one of your near ones (Friends/family) gets the idea of recommending something to you, and forwards some message to you, or forwards your number to someone :)
I advice u to not to do advice base trading.Why to put money on risk on others advice. go go go and learn technical anylisi and charting and start profiting from small money like .50 paisa . that how u will earn.


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These tip provider should be checked and banned. Seriously do your Tech analysis and then enter marke
Put a Stop loss on your trades. Keep it simple


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nice signature quote deadbrain
रास्ते की परवाह करूंगा तो मंजिल बुरा मान जायेगी...