Looser to disciplined looser

You just need to give yourself some time to understand the shifts and make necessary changes to your strategy. It could take some time but you need to be accurate so go back to learning some more. Maybe spend some time demo trading so you get a better grasp of how to move when a situation like this occurs again.
You seem self motivated already so I think you just need some practice on a demo account for a few weeks. Make a note of any errors you’ve faced in the past due to suffering loss. You need to understand where you’re going wrong before you place new trades and happen to fall in the same situation. Maybe revise your plan again and change your approach towards market sentiment.
Completely come off of live trading for now. Demo is where you need to be to objectively produce a strategy with an edge. This can only be done by robotically taking trades that fit your criteria both back testing and forward testing. You will not be able to see if you objectively have an edge live trading as you will be facing the psychological trials of using real money. This will make you take trades that fall outside of your rules.

I promise you that if you find an edge with a mass of data that you can really trust, it will automatically help you to trade in line with those rules when live.

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