Looking for Best Algo Trader in India for ROBO TRADING

You can check autotrader. I have been doing freelancing work for it from about 6 months and no issues so far. All going good.
there is a python thread which UM (Uber Machine) is trying to run. He has already created algo for auto trades. I have seen demo of his software but not used in markets. You can try to contact him. We are also chatting on Google Hnagouts in a group . Let me know if you wish to be added. We can also share web link with you. For now he has kept it free.
Please add me I have already built a system on Zerodha java API and running it in realtime. If you guys are interested I can show a live demo.
Dear All,

Would request you all to please provide me the name of the best Robo Trader in India for F&O segment.
I have gone through other threads also where the names/sites listed was quite too old. So I request you guys to let me know about the same.

I have been using robotrader.in as my Robo Trader but their service is like not up to the mark & their software hangs a lot.

Would request you all to help me out with the same.
Thanks in advance.

Long back. At least an year. Here's the link: https://kite.trade/docs/connect/v3/
They must be using C# API's...CE's automated platform can be built on C# directly

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