Looking for a mentor in option trading

This guy is back again with some long story type "GYAN" emails and the last one is really useless. he just keeps on repeating one thing that what others are doing is wrong and he is giving some imaginitavi arguments to prove others wrong. In short he wants to prove that only and only his option course is right and others are fool.


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i too thought bjp after winning assam election and they were satisfied how they performed in other states, there is going to be a positive market sentiment, because BJP have now great expectations passing the GST bill. today global markets were down fearing US fed rate hike in june. tom's market movement may confirm if it is a downtrend. 77000-7750 there is a small support, if it cross below that point next is 7500.
Is there any way we can show his reality to people. As usual, a beginner loses the money in stock market, then searches Google about some options tips, nifty tips etc and his website comes on top. After reading his stories , these people gets impressed by his newsletters and joins him. By this way we will never be able to expose him. But the reality is that even after his multiple requests no one is ready to like his Facebook page and that shows people are not happy after taking his course. Can we use social media to show his reality and false claims?

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