Long term investment !!!!!!!!!!


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I had recently sold sesa goa..but then the prices shot up...i could not make much profits in it (though i made a small profit)...I'm now willing to put money in Hindalco,Gujarat Ambuja,ITC,Zee Telefilms and Bajaj Hindustan for a period of 12 months...will they fetch good returns in 12 months and moreover, is this right time to invest or should i hold for another week.

Any other shares that i can think of.

Seniors reply would be highly beneficial.

sincerest regards,
Ganesh Kamath


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Yuppp!! can any senior please reply...I plan to invest once there is correction in the market...i'll invest in nearly all of them equally..



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Any reasons for not investing in Gujarat Ambuja, Zee Telefilms and Bajaj hindustan.....Sugars and cement may show good results...

Seniors, any comment !!!!!!!!!!


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