LLP or Partnership


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Hi all,

I know this is not the forum for this question but still since we have one of the most knowledgeable gathering I am asking this question.

I want to start a business in partnership of my friend. What sort of structure shall I start with. Its a normal traditional business and not a new age startup. Partnership and llp are two forms I am contemplating. What are the pros and cons
For sure you need to hire some lawyer for your needs out there and that's really it no matter how do you look at it. You really shouldn't "save" money on some professional advices out there for many many reasons being done there for whatever means.
I am not that profficient in all that but as for me what you call partnership here may suite both of you anyway. What do you think of all that ? Care to share this with us or not ? I am all patiently waiting for that matter. And do want to make it possible for others.
I would go for partnership in both of your cases cause it's really one thing which could entirely help you to make something better with this matter absolutely anyway, I do hope we all can bring something new to it when new forms will be.

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