Live data feed of Market Internals ( A/D,Trix, Trin,etc...)


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Is there any service /data provider who gives the Market Internal indices like Advance/Decline, TRIN, TRIX etc for NSE and BSE?
these are indicators and are freely available in any software.. amibroker/metastock. try using anyone.
personal sugggestion ami is better and more user friendly
Unlike normal indicators which are based on a single (or few scrips) Market Internals are based aggregating data from many scrips. A typical example would be the Advance / Decline line. Does Amipro give the A/D index?
ya... even I'm looking for a vendor who provides LIVE Real-time VOLUME (turnover) data for NSE and nifty futures. The market internals u mentioned (a/d, TRIN etc) are all based on what VOLUMEs is the stocks/indices currently trading. If you find a data vendor who can provide live volume data, which can be incorporated in a charting software like metastock or amibroker, you would be able to calculate live a/d ratio/trin etc. Let me know if u find such a vendor.

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