List of mt4 vendors in india


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I paid to get access to data feed from "" but there has been no response from their side. How long does it normally take? Are they legit?
Dear Trader,
You have paid lot of efforts to write about that you didnt get any response from , but do you ever tried contacting them , by phone, email , livechat, whatsapp. They have plenty of method for customers to contact. What made you to wait for long days without contacting them, just to defame ,right., it might be even an human error unnoticing the payment when large number of sales entry is happening everyday.

I get login details within 2 minutes from them and i am using their service for past 7 years (first with Amibroker and now with mt4).
It is one of the oldest website providing data feed in MT4. Now plenty of small petty shops open .
Just google and see the existence of website , since when they are operating.

I like to tell small suggestion here. Here many people compare the websites and recommend some websites for mt4 data feed.

there (was 5-6 before) is only 3 servers in India at present who provides data for MT4
List by Top Priority
1. Spartan-Fx ( this server is provided by OHLC matches to exchange)
2. Simple Fintech (Previous name Tradize) ( I took this demo from )
3. Trade mono (Previous name Planet care )
and so
from now on , i hope you will comment on servers .

when you want datafeed ask for server .


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