list of commodities players

Any one of u can mail me the list commodities company who are into physical trading of commodities for example olam, adhani group and alana's. Also who are the various players in commodity market who have just enter this field like morgan stanley.
please mail to [email protected]

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For commodities you can try 5 i dont know about any other commodities exchange players.

and one note for you, please expect results to be put in the forums page than to get in your personal email. The purpose of the forum is to share your information and discuss the doubts, there may be other people who have similar doubts so, answering in the board makes it available to all and the forum also gets more visitors and hits. :)

Can some one answer a question about GEOJIT commodities trading ... is it an online trading facility or they only do the phone/personal trading.
As the person who came for this told me they dont have online trading facility as yet :-(... but can provide the ODIN Diet software if I pay Rs.1000 for it per month....
thank u satish. i m a new member to this forum so a little time to understand what actually happens in the forum. i will put up my queries on the forum itself so everybody have a access to it. can u tell me who are the commodity brokers or company who are in PHYSICAL trading for eaxmple olam international. u can check put thier site. thanks for ur reply

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Abhishek, I use 5 for commodity trading its good and the give odin software for free, i have no clue about other commodities players. If you are interested in US markets for commodities futures then try Cleartrade (



Pls advice i have a /c with 5paisa for shares trading, i want to start trading in commodity. what are the charges? how to go about it.

I think you are asking this question at a wrong place. This place may direct you the brokers who in to futures Trading not Physical Trading.

Physical trading is a different animal and companies involve in that, deal in specific commodities (not necessary all commodities).

Would you be open to give details that what PHYSICAL commodities you are interested?

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