Level 2 tape reading

Hello Traders,

I'm a developing trader and want to learn more about level 2 tape reading.
Can someone pls. share more information on this? Does any broker provide this feature in the context of Indian market?

Thanks in advance!


Tejas Khoday

Co-Founder & CEO, FYERS
Hello, Real-time tape reading is only possible on a price ladder. We're the only broker in India to provide this on the web. I have written a blog post about this - https://fyers.in/price-ladder-trading/

You can also view this tutorial video on our YouTube Channel.

Disclaimer - I have mentioned our platform as it is directly related to the context of this question. I encourage Readers to do their own research before taking any decisions.
Excellent article and explanation by Tejas. I really appreciate your effort. I would encourage all traders first to do some research and learn well trading business before they enter market as financial markets bear high risk. Demo accounts are good place to start

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