Lets start a complete opensource software for Traderji community members

Hi Guys,

I found so many software engineers and analyst in Traderji.com, so My suggestion is instead of creating individual software why not we develop a unique solution for all members.
We will divide members in 3 catagory.
1.) Software Engineer(Developers and Testers)
They will be responsible to develop and test required end product.

2.) Market Analyst(Technical or Fundamental or Quantitative or PA):
They will be responsible to guide Software engineers to develop end product.

3.) Users(Other than 1 or 2nd category)
They will tell what they want in end product and how we can represent our product in UI wise.

The whole product will be open source.
so lets contribute guys...
Hoping for so many reply.



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VEry Nice Approach..

I can help u in backtesting..

But the thing is that neither i consider myself a market expert nor i m skilled with programming part..
Another thing: In TA part for the last 1 yr approx..

But i do agree tht u can consider me in the 3rd category as classified by u..!!!

P.S. With normal computing stuff, I can help u in all ways..!! (not thru programming but yes through debugging..)
Amibroker,Metastock,Tradestation and many other established softwares are there. There are many data vendors who will charge Rs 600 to 1500 per month and feed the data to your Ami or Metastock....we are traders we should concentrate on trading well, developing trading methods etc and not try to re-invent the wheel and waste our time in developing charting or trading software....but if what you meant was computerised/automated trading systems.....most welcome.

I am in no way against any development...but feel that we should concentrate on our core competence and concentrate on trading.

I have all my support if others decide to develop any software.....

Just my 2 cents.....

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i agree 100% with SM, that it's waste of time in reinitiating a s/w like ami, instead....
now a days we almost most of the traders using odin and nest...so it is better to concentrate in developing a s/w which is find the buy/sell signals from ami/MS and take in to odin/nest and place orders automatically or less work.
i would like to join in 3rd group and inform you guys as my best....


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I understood it this way only.. Designing a good trading system.. There's no point devloping a tool like amibroker..or MS or any alike..!! To b precise, the have everything within it..!! or it will b incorporated in versions to come.. Wat the need of the hour is a successful, easy to use trading system..!!


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I have subscribed one charting software where i pay 23000 for six months in commodity. They are providing for equity also.But I am trading in commodity from last 5 years. Initially I was working on free software where I learn many things. But now i cant find to study. I will suggest the members to subscribe for this software. Otherwise I may provide you free calls which I am getting. If you want to know more about free software, I can provide the same in team viewer.

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