Legal ways to do International forex currency trading for Indians - a discussion


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A friend of mine joined FXCM and transferred money through Neteller. It's been more than a month and the money still has not reached there. The reason, they say, is that the account could not be verified. (Location verification). Now he is not sure if he will get his money back even.
Funny thing is, any browser nowadays can auto-detect your location, these ppl asked for govt ids (like aadhar) and then keep rejecting the documents one after another. They know Indians cannot complain as it is illegal. Why didn't they ask for verification when the account was being funded. Looks fishy.
Guys, stick to Govt. rules for safety.
Some people do trading in a forex without known the fact that some of the steps they take might be illegal, then this is the article worth reading showing the steps to do forex trading legally. These types of article attracts traffic and as a result your website will get good rating.
I highly doubt it's totally possible to trade for such big amounts legally. You are not happy with the money you are making now ? It seems you clearly described the steps and how to gain it using lowest tax bracket possible here anyway ? What do you say ?
I think forex trading is legal in India but I have heard about a ban on the cryptocurrencies. You must have to research well in this regard as Indian crypto holders lost a lot of money due to the ban. I do not know why the greater countries do not support cryptos!
If you know someone who resides in a foreign country, you could have them request a payment via PayPal. Then send payment from your PayPal to his PayPal account. From there you could fund your account.

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