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Hi everyone,

I am writing to ask if any of you know where to find the cheapest online brooker site, in initial account opening..... Could it be possible to find one less than $500?
Thanks alot...
Now a days, most of the brokers are opening mini a/c with as little as 200dollars. Some with 100 dollars.
Fxsol gives u 1:400 leverage and smallest lotsize of 1000.
Check out with Oanda , there you can choose ur lotsize like you can buy 1 EURUSD.One of its kind.
Hope this helps !!!


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personally i would reccommend a non dealing desk broker that does not trade against his clients!!! as there is an obvious conflict of interest as well as know 'malpractices' which are still legal - such as deliberate spiking of prices.... i would go for www.mbtrading.com or interbankfx.com which have mini accounts or www.ac-markets.com but the minimum trade for this one is 10 per pip - a bit steep for me as i'm just starting but could be right for others they all typically habe gbp/usd spread of 2-3 pips the best i've found!!


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hey merl,

Could you teell me a little about forwx trading ? Why do you trade forex? Is it more profitable than trading equity derivatives in the Indian market?


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