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" The traders who can make money consistently on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis approach trading from the perspective of a mental discipline."

― Mark Douglas

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Few points on trading shared by Xray bro...If you rule based trader then must note it...

1. DD( in points terms) which is main base for capital calculation

2. Draw down months in back test

3. Luck factor calculation

4. Outliers in profit and loss (in points terms)

5. Montecarlo simulation or stress test

6. if all the 5 steps are covered then comes the compounding part

Last......, MM school for F&O is different from normal stock trading

Psychological issue will not come after you go through above process...people stop at expectancy ratio ,which is only middle part of a system

My reply is on bases of rule based system, if discretionary please ignore above steps..., as well defined compounding is a myth with discretionary methods (IMO)


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How can I make 6 percent profit per day trading in stock market?Answered by Kirubakaran rajendran..
Let me explain this. If you make 6% profit per day, considering 22 trading days a month, you end up making 132% returns in a month. For a year, that’s 1584% returns.

This is what your expectations is and you did not want to know, if that’s possible or not, rather you are already convinced that it is possible to make 6% per day and you just wanted to know how to make that returns.
As a retail trader like you and me, who have limited resources, cannot track 1000s of stocks, millions of data. But there is a company like Renaissance Technology worlds most profitable hedge fund that trades in across world markets in Equity, commodity and currency. Jim Simons is the founder of this firm, he worked as code breaker during the war times. Rentech hires the best talent in the world, from PhDs to Astronauts, to remove the noise from the data, so they could generate some strategies that can make positive returns for them.

With such greater resources, best minds working for them, managing multi Billion dollars, do you know whats their return track record? They were able to around 50% returns on an average per year, for decades. Which is considered very high and with such billions of dollars capital making such returns is simply outstanding.
But with a laptop and Jio free internet, after reading couple of books, with such resources and knowledge, you are convinced that you can make 6% returns per day. You simply wanted to know how to make it.
I admire your confidence buddy. Keep looking for it. But let me tell you the truth. At times, we make even 10% a day, 15% a day, so we think if we can just repeat doing what we exactly did every day, then we can make such returns. No, that’s not possible.
You cant make a fixed returns every day in this market consistently, you win some, you lose some. But professionals here, believe that “How much you make when you are right, and how much you lose when you are wrong” this is what matters the most in Trading.


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