Larry williams seminar in Delhi in February second week.


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World famous trader Mr Larry Williams is having a seminar in Delhi in early Feb'2006. Though I don't believe in seminars myself, for the benefit of those interested, this is the link:-

Larry williams is credited with the invention of Williams % R, which is a variation of stochastics.

Its good to note that the Americans are coming. This should just be the lull before the storm. I have been waiting for this for a long time. I only hope they have the good sense to provide proper education instead of inadequate seminars or if seminars are only practical alternative, they are able to provide proper "after sales service" to those who want to clear their doubts and need personalized attention as revealed below(This has got nothing to do with Mr Williams but is a site of qualified psychologists who have written how important it is to have personalized coaching. ):-

Remember that psychology has 60% weightage, 30% goes to money management and only 10% to systems development and trading strategy. So credit must go where it is due and individual psychology must receive its attention. Remember that famous traders like Norman Halett, Van Thorpe and Alexander Elder have stated that trading has to be customised to your temprament and personality which requires a lot of time. The details are in a file called individual.doc which is attached to my post "My Chatroom experience" and I don't want to attach it again and waste space:-

I attended a seminar myself and I feel that two days are grossly inadequate to cover a subject like trading where consistent, long term sucess is more important. Reminds you of what one of our best cricketers, Kapil Dev says in his autobiography " Always try to be a "lambi race ka ghoda" i,e enduring long term sucess instead of quick fixes like seminars:-

My dear Larry
In order to ensure that the effects of your words permanently carry
A two day seminar won’t do; you can’t flirt, you have to marry
Remember how flirting annoyed good old Hillary(clinton)?
Substance has to accompany style; you can’t be just starry
You seem to be in a hurry
Which is a cause for worry
Though I have been waiting for you, in this respect, I am sorry

The final decision rests with the interested party of course.
I will round off by quoting my dear friend Jaideep who has written the exact quote in the "Think it over" post.

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime"
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