Laptop available in India at lowest cost...!!!

Laptop available in India at lowest cost...!!!


Hey friends....

A very very urgent requirement....

Can any one please please say what would be the cost of a laptop with following minimum


1. 80 GB HDD +
2. 512 MB DDR RAM +
3. CD / DVD reader *** writer +

4. Battery life 3 hours (even less is acceptable but 3 is highly desirable) +

5. Projector (as laptop is being purchased to give mainly power point presentations at

various places)


a. The above are bare minimum configurations which would serve my purpose adequately...

b. If i get any extra feature i dont mind; but i dont require...

c. I want to incur minimum possible cost for the above...

d. I want a reputable company with warranty (but even medium reputation companies laptop

would do if it can reduce my cost substantially)...

I URGE if anyone can suggest which........................

1. particular company????????
2. particular model????????

should me ideal choice which ensures two things:

1. I can minimize my cost
2. I get bare minimum 5 things refereed above...

I would really really request if anyone can answer this problem so that necessary decision

and purchase can be made as soon as possible...

Thanks for your time, patience and consideration...

Anxiously awaiting the replies of learned, knowledgeable and helpful people here...

Warmest regards,



sunandoghosh at rediffmail dot com


Well-Known Member
A mobile projector will cost you nothing less than Rs. 70,000/-.For the spec. you have given laptop+projector will set you off by Rs. 1,10,000 . this is bare minimum. If only powerpoint is required than no need to buy even medimum range gear you can go for basic configuration and may be zenith will be a good option. Seconhands are also available at reasonable price of Rs. 20,000 in metros but check throughly.

The present generation processor is going to be outdated very soon and it will be replaced by 64 bit processor from AMD or Intel. So if you want to be futureproof go for it by spending a little extra even in the laptop.. it will serve you good for 3-5 years.

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