Lange Group, Scam or real?

Hello everyone

I am new at trading and I have been approached by a company called Lange Group ( based in Hong Kong. The first call was an introduction. The second call a few days later was to understand what I am looking for (basically if I would like to invest). The third call was to show me interesting shares to buy and to know how much I would like to invest. I went to a conservative approach and choose the least expensive package they could advise (170 shares for around 10k$).

After accepting, they transferred me to a person making sure that I was not pushed to buy and that I was aware of how much I would invest. The same day they sent me papers to sign, like the account creation, the shares that I will buy (they apparently bought them for me in advance to lock the price, the US tax paper, and a paper to say who would inherit the money if I die. Everything seems very legit so far.

The following day I sent all the papers signed, a copy of my passport, etc... Another person called to explain how to do the transfer. That the money does not go to them but a third party company in charge of protecting the money and shares during the transfer. The company is called Calabria Solution Limited. Then they say that the transfer should be done to the canary island or something like that. A weird place sounding like fiscal evasion.

I start to be worry and the guys on the phone told me not to worried and will send me proof that they are a legit company.

He sent me this:
You can feel free to contact The Asia Registration and Licensing
Authority to check us out or the Transfer Agent, their website is, please request any information that you would like
confirmed and they will usually respond within 2-4 hours.

You can also do an instant check on a broker or company on Please click SBR search.
Our Securities Bureau Registration number is SBR 663754, and your broker
Mr. Leon de Jager’s SBR number is SBR 663770."

I could not find them and I am worried I have started a process that will cost me a lot of money. Could you tell me if you know that broker and if everything is fine or if I am a victim of a very good scam?

Thanks in advance for your help and sorry for the long post, I just wanted to give you all the information.



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