L&T’s defense foray


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We generally associate L&T with a lot of things - but of late the company has been making the news in one area - defense equipment.

There seems to be tremendous uncertainty in order flow at the moment - with the liquidity constraints and fiscal constraints of the government hurting order flow. However, this isn’t going to last forever.

This capability is likely to become one of the biggest verticals of the company in coming years.

Considering that the company is available at cheap valuations, this sort of thing becomes the icing on the cake. If you are a long term investor, you can’t go much wrong by buying into this company.
Defense is not new for L&T. it has been doing defense work for more than 20 years now (I was working on it 10 years back and they were working already working on 5-6 year old projects when I joined)

But yes good company to buy, but not just because of defense.
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