KST Indicators - chart periodicity for plotting


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Need your help Traderji.

The article, "Summed Rate of Change (KST)" by Martin Pring appeared in the September 92 issue of TASC magazine. Indians don't have access to it.

The 6 KST formulae are reproduced below. Could you please explain (for End-of-day MetaStock charts) :-

I) The timeframe of the charts (whether daily / weekly / monthly / yearly) on which these six indicators have to be plotted, esp. no.3, no.4 and no.5. Obviously, no.1 is for daily charts, no.2 for monthly charts and no.6 for weekly charts as their names include periodicity. Please mark the periodicity against each of the six formulae.

II) What moving averages are used as signal lines for each of these six indicators?


1) Daily KST Simple Moving Average

(Mov(Roc(C,10,%),10,S)*1) + (Mov(Roc(C,15,%),10,S)*2) + (Mov(Roc(C,20,%),10,S)*3) + (Mov(Roc(C,30,%),15,S)*4)

2) Long-term Monthly KST Simple Moving Average

(Mov(Roc(C,9,%),6,S)*1) + (Mov(Roc(C,12,%),6,S)*2) + (Mov(Roc(C,18,%),6,S)*3) + (Mov(Roc(C,24,%),9,S)*4)

3) Intermediate KST Simple Moving Average

(Mov(Roc(C,10,%),10,S)*1) + (Mov(Roc(C,13,%),13,S)*2) + (Mov(Roc(C,15,%),15,S)*3) + (Mov(Roc(C,20,%),20,S)*4)

4) Intermediate KST Exponential Moving Average

(Mov(Roc(C,10,%),10,E)*1) + (Mov(Roc(C,13,%),13,E)*2) + (Mov(Roc(C,15,%),15,E)*3) + (Mov(Roc(C,20,%),20,E)*4)

5) Long-term KST Exponential Moving Average

(Mov(Roc(C,39,%),26,E)*1) + (Mov(Roc(C,52,%),26,E)*2) + (Mov(Roc(C,78,%),26,E)*3) + (Mov(Roc(C,109,%),39,E)*4)

6) Short-term KST Weekly Exponential Moving Average

(Mov(Roc(C,3,%),3, E)*1) + (Mov(Roc(C,4,%),4, E)*2) + (Mov(Roc(C,6,%),6, E)*3) + (Mov(Roc(C,10,%),8, E)*4)


Thanks in advance.

What would be good parameters to plot KST in an intraday chart? what indicator should we use along with KST?

Also please explain how to use KST...

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