Kothari Pioneer Taxshield 95

I have 1000 shares of 'Kothari Pioneer Taxshield 95', purchased on 31/3/1995. Would like to know the current status of the scheme. What is the redemption procedure & whom do I contact for the redemption..??


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the fund is renamed / is being managed as "Franlin Templeton Mutual Fund". If it is under growth scheme, it is quoting around Rs.190.7163 each. You can contact any templeton office anywhere and show the account statement received by you or show the folio reference and with your signature and identity, u can encash at the day's NAV
Thanks a ton.. Got the tel. nos. from Franklin Templeton's website & called them. Provided the old a/c no. they were able to locate the details of the account within minutes. They've mailed me the account statement too with all the relevant details.
The name of Kothari Pioneer Taxshield 95 has changed to Franklin India Prima Plus.
As of 9th July 10 'Growth' is quoting a Rs. 206.66 & 'Dividend' is quoting at Rs. 27.47.
hello, i am new to this site. i have a similar query to an earlier one regarding kothari pioneer tax shield. what is the contact no. of franklin to get the relevant details for my folio.

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