KK's 100% Perfect AFL:


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KK's 100% Perfect AFL:

/* KK's 100% Perfect AFL:

This is the Expert Advisor for applying KK's 100% Perfect Trading approach.

This version deals with a trader following the price - Open, High , Low and Close

Works for any kind of market- Stock, Commodity, Fx.
NOTE: you are free to use Pivot Points, Fibbonacci , and other oscillator and indicators
along with this Expert but at your own risk.

Copyright: Free Version: Free to use as long as due credit is given to its creators.

For complete info on AFL pls search YouTube: Deewana mujh sa nahin

_SECTION_BEGIN("Deewana Charts");

PriceChart = ParamToggle("Price Chart", "Candlestick|Barchart",0);
ColorMode = ParamToggle("Bar Coloring","Red-Green|Red-Blue",0);

Deewana = Trader;
Amber = (Share + Commodity + Currency)/ Market;
Qatil = Profit AND Loss;

Plot (Deewana mujh sa nahin Is Ambar ke neeche Aage hai qatil mera Aur mein peeche peeche, StyleShammiStyle, ColorEastman, Layer= 70mm, Offset= Timless );


Help! Help!!!

The above AFL is showing error when i try to Plot in Ami
Syntax error, unexpected IDENTIFIER. Is there semicolon missing at the end Of the previous Line?

Sombody Help. Can you Correct for me.

Thanks in advance.



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Readers are encouraged to post their innovative AFL's here for the benifit of all the forum members.

Thanks & Regards

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