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re: Kiran_Thiru nifty & equity real trades with charts .

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re: Kiran_Thiru nifty & equity real trades with charts .

dear all TJ's from today i will start real time trading in nifty futures. my trades are based on mt4 kaufman indicatior & ORB 15 min. i previously tested and paper live trade on this strategy, it is worked fine for me.
if you want to check visit my paper trade thread link below from post no. 283

rules of my trading is under follows---
1. trade starting from 9:30 a.m.
2. trade must be confirm on kaufman indicator or ORB.
3. stoploss also same as both above.
4. if trade is in profit, we change tsl as follows.
a. if profit @ 10 points tsl is enter price or tsl which is near
b. if profit is 20 points tsl is 10 points profit.
c. if profit is more i closed then tsl is price fall/bounce 10 points from high/low price
5. if trade is in loss, the tsl is
a. close trade as on candle closed below/above tsl indicator.
b. if any sudden move happened immediately close in loss without candle close.
6. after trade closed waiting for another opportunity. this follows as
a. trade is near to tsl and bounced same way trade enter, tsl as follows.
b. ORB trade same as above, tsl is ORB line.
7. never put mind in trade.
8. trades are must be closed @ 3:14 p.m. with any profit/loss.

sample chart is below what i paper trade

i will try to post my trades immediately, and chart with trade details image will post after market closed
PS:--don't follow my trades these are my personal ideas, if any doubts & suggestions invited.

thank you for all helpers & supporters of TJ.

All the best Kiran........:):thumb::thumb:

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