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Is Net banking (or trading) secure -

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Yesterday there was an interview of Mr Kalpesh on IndiaTV. Mr Kalpesh has warned that Net Banking is not safe & he demonstrate how he can transfer funds from one a/c to other. He also challenge Mr Banga of India Bulls that their net security is not secure.

What is your opnion about net banking (or trading) security. Was it only publicity stunt or He was right & hacking (as demonstrated by him) is possible.


K S Kachhwaha
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This is kalpesh sharma from ahmedabad. I saw your discussions when I was surfing on net. I hope and even it's natural that peoples in seperate environments and cultures give their opinions which have some or other difference in many way. So, when I saw some telling something and others talking something else, i thought i should be online with you to answer every query you have in your minds. I like to create more and more relations with peoples of my interest. So, Let me know........

??Kalpesh Sharma
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