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but one cann;t have consistency in stock market . i haven;t met a guy that can beat market and make 1 % daily.

whole idea is buy right sit tight and be happy in 21% per annum that one can make in market .

Buy right sit tight
know what is at stake and when to take loss
Never invest with sasurji;s money. If it;s your own money then don;t lisen to anyone and just invest like there is no tomorrow :xD

Options are greatest sin :-
One that buys option his Trading account gets empty
One that sells option there bank account gets empty

Futures are best way as u have carry forward option .But again
Only 4 things can kill an intelligent man
1. natural death
2. Liquor
3. ladies
3. Leverage
I think the post contains great tips in order to stay healthy and fit for a long time. I think walking is the best and easiest exercise that every can do without any second thought. We have to build a habit of walking short distances instead of driven in a car.

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