Dear Traders

I am reading this forum for last one week now.

My journey so far.
• Completed B Tech from VJTI Mumbai.
• Took a job in mining industry in 2008 through campus.
• Got bored and resigned without any other job in hand in 2009 end.:cool: Applied for literally all the MBA entrance exams in India. (This forum reminds me of Pagulguy as I was addicted to that in 2010)
• Luckily got admission in one of the IIM :) (Not the new one, I studied in one of the old ones)
• Took a job through campus in Apr 2012 with decent salary+bonus - 9+5 LPA ;) in startup. This was the biggest mistake of my life. :mad::mad: They stopped paying regular salary and finally one day closed the company:stop:. Those scumbags did not pay me last 4 month salary.:confused:

Anyway I dont have a job now.:( Tried to search for 2 months but no luck. I am kind of angry:annoyed: at my situation but not frustrated:cheers:.

• I gave a serious effort to search about career as a trader, (please dont laugh)
• I am neither talking about get rich quick nor big risk big rewards.
• I want to explore opportunity of trading as profession for earning mere living @ 8 to 15 K pm (avg) at start. But to be on my own what ever I make or lose it will be mine.
• I am willing to put six months to learn trading
• (TA+ strategies)/grasp the famous trading techniques, make my own opinion/back testing and live simulated paper trading with the approach/ and optimize/set a plan.
• I know six month is very very small time to be a successful trader. But my definition of being successful is anything above breakeven and 5K pm.

For last one week I am searching all kind of information related to day trading.

• Tools- charting and analysis softwares (free and paid) – trading platforms – data feeds, techniques-TA and trading strategies.
• Other fundamentals like market stake holders ( market maker, companies, retail investors institutional investors, regulators, exchanges and others) type of products available for trading, psychology, emotions and dynamics and bla bla bla
• My initial opinion is day trading can be a profession but requires patience and might be dead end if you quit.

I seek guidance and views of experts from this forum in my experiment to explore trading as a career option.

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