Join me in Trading Crude Oil 5:30 to 10:30


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I would be trading Crude Oil 5:30 - 10:30, Lets see if I can make or break it.

Starting strategy - Simple PA on Charts


I see UT on 15 followed by sideways, from yesterday a range has developed marked with 2 horizontals.

Will trade highs and lows of range and try to catch a breakout.

3984 buy range 4010 -4030 Sell Range ( Valid until a breakout)


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Trade 1 exited at entry 80-84 TSL hit at 67.

Looking for reentry under 84


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Crude traded below range and above range and was quick to come back inside range, also witnessing contract rollover in this chart.


The direction is undecided, also inventory is today so expecting it to be volatile. Lets see if we can catch a good trade like yesterday.


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So Today I am thinking longs above 4027-4030
Below 4025 3980 Range ( will only trade range failures at extreme high, low, will wait for reversal on STF)
Below 3980 Shorts

Also Expecting to be volatile due to inventory
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Long in crude @4000
TSL exit 31
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review of my trade last night, after tsl hit i was like okay thats not a bad trade, but I made a mistake which makes me think I traded very badly and I need a better way to manage TSL. So after waiting for hours I get into right trade and then what happens, I get peanuts and somebody else ate cashews.

My workaround to get to cashews.

Add 1 more mini lot - so would be trading 2 minis from today.



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Crude back in UT from sideways : Look's like consolidating here. pullbacks are opportunities for longs but not going to trade blindly will wait for it to maintain PL and PDL. Also that WRB/Mother candle will be important today.

My own trading Levels

Longs above 4102
Shorts below 4033 ( important how it breaks 4033)

Trading Range would be Pivots / Mother candle low etc. Only will trade and wait for extreme ranges for failure/rejections.


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Attempted Long .. SL hit
Lost 48 Points


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New Rule I should avoid trading if I loose 2% or more in a day.

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