I was wondering if someone has a guide on Jobbing. or if someone can post some materials on how jobbing is done. INDIAN MARKETS only please.

I am looking for a guide that uses simple excel, not special software.

Thank you

Tamil trader

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Jobbing can be done in mcx commodities throughout the day. To quick the book profits and catch the small movement of the market.

till now, to do jobbing, there is no special software for signal purpose. in any volatile products, jobbing can be done....

To jobbing,

1. Risk and Reward should be always equal. For example, if you buy crude oil at 6800, your target is 6805, your stop loss is 6795. Daily more than 50 trades can be done

2. After doing number of trades per day, the Net profit should be calculated after deducting lossing trades

3. To increase more profit, Lot size will be increased by jobbers

4. with in 5 to 10 minutes, jobbing trade will be executed, otherwise, jobbers should exit from that position

5. Jobbing/Scalping is always suitable for experienced traders only. New traders will lose their capital day by day

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