JK Synth - best low priced big group company

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Company Background - FYI
JK Synthetics manufactures synthetic yarns, fibres and fabrics, portland and white cement, chemicals, fertilisers, pharmaceuticals and synthetic fibre-making machinery, and chemicals, and develops renewable energy sources.
-collaboration with Karl Fischer, Germany.
-an acrylic fibre project set up in tie-up with Technimont, Italy.
-set up a complex in U.P. to manufacture aromatic and purified terephthalic acid (PTA).
-collaborations with UOP Inter-American, US, for the aromatic process and with Krupp Koppers, Germany, and Uhde India, for engineering services and also tied up with Progress Software Corporation, US.
-It has a tie-up with MOCO, US, for the manufacture of PTA. the company also has the status of an Export House.

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