its rite?

hi nxdxji i just wanna know nyone earn money by daily trading....actuaaly i have many friends and all r doing business in future commodity.. and all r in loss. ye to satta hua na jitna kamaya isme laga diya kya ye kaam sahi hai kya hum ise apna main business kese bana sakte hai kya hum isme earn kar skate if yes then how... what we do .... can u suggest us ... thank u
Its safer now to have a longer perspective and shift gears (why that... even change your vehicle , sort of ): I say invest in B'lore real estate , specially North B'lore.

Stocks will show sharp corrections from time to time ( tho' 10000 looks likely soon) and commodities... like u said above ... is like satta . Gold will yield not more than 5 % per annum, long term. So property is the best, if you are prepared to live thru the slumps

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