it is not rocket science. please write AFL for amibroker


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Kindly paste the code for placing an order in NEST3 from Amibroker without the need to activate any nestplus, etc. Thanks in advance.

Maybe an updated version of this which gives the AFL code: (remove spaces and quotes, replace)
http://www. "indi" "" traders ".co...c-afl-connecting-amibroker-nest-trader-2.html

Also a good example for manually firing orders from Amibroker to Nest platform (seems it will work only on Amibroker 6 and later): (remove spaces and quotes)
http://www. "wisestocktrader" .com /indicators/4486-maual-trading-control-for-nest-now

Sample few lines of code is here below for Amibroker:

plus = CreateStaticObject("Nest.PlusApi");
if(Cond AND Checkdt != dt )
if(LastValue(Buy) OR LastValue(Cover)){plus.PlaceOrder

if(LastValue(Short) OR LastValue(Sell)){plus.PlaceOrder

StaticVarSet("lastdt",dt );

Maybe interested programmers can confirm and create some good tool on Gothub etc for benefit of all.

All the best and stay profitable !!!
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