Is there websites that gives free Intraday trading tips?

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Hi All,

I know two websites providing free trading tips one with only >50%, other with >75% success, and respectively. But for me there are many drawbacks for both websites. While NSEguide have very low success rate, are with very narrow margin (1%). While, NSEguide have lot of supporting statistics, doesn't. Moreover Doohle

I tried trial calls from many paid websites. But they are always with high margin and never reached target.

Can anyone suggest websites providing free websites with higher margin and with at least 70-75% success.

Thankyou in anticipation
Every day at 9:30 flip a coin - Heads go long tails go short - do it consistently it has 50% success rate. You will make more this way than thru tipsters.

If you can search on net there was an experiment where a monkey threw darts randomly on list of stocks and money was invested in those stocks this investment gave a better return than the highly paid wall street bigwigs in a given year.

You can do better than a monkey :rofl:
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