is nifty opening correct ?

niftys opening is always near to its previous close but today its was registerd at the opening of the previous close

the opening shown in the nse site is 2558.45

but in the nse website chart it is shown at 2582 which i think is correct
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The Nifty opening depends on the opening prices of all the stocks that comprise the Nifty. So, the opening of the Nifty could be anywhere depending on where the constituent stocks open. There are some stocks which open 4-5% up or down, albeit for a few seconds, on volumes of between 1-100 shares. This could push the Nifty up or down instantaneously, for a small time period, which would nevertheless be recorded as the opening.


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o o.....these nifty wale...they have still not updated the version 2 reflect a correct opening:annoyed:

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