Is Kotak really starting online BSE ?

Both Kotak, Indiabulls and Sharekhan guys told me that they will start BSE online in 1 month but none delivered.
I think Geojit is best if u want both BSE and NSE.
- Praveen
Indiabulls have promised 6 months ago that BSE trading will commence *soon*. And they said that the new version of Power IndiaBulls (version 3.17), their trading software will support BSE. That was months ago. I have downloaded the new version, but BSE trading is still not possible. The local office has been least helpful as they themselves are not clear how to *enable* BSE trading....

Coming to the question of Kotak, as etrader mentioned you can place orders through If their staff is to be believed, then there was some software glitch in integrating BSE trading into KEAT, which will be ready *soon*. And my online query too confirms the same. But, how soon is something I won't speculate on.
#6 has BSE trading live now.was facing the same problem like u guys with sales guys telling me the same old stories but now they really have trading on BS.seems good too.

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