Is it worth to buy RIL after bonus

Dear All,
Frankly speaking I don't have much trust on Mukesh and his family, Any offer has great hidden loop holes.
Your opinion should go for short term or avoid this?
Any reason behind such mistrust
cite some examples of their offer that has hidden loop holes.
The personal like/dislike of an individual should not really affect investing decisions. If the reason is that RIL is too hot at present, that is acceptable. There was a goodly amount of buying around 1300. I guess a retracement towards 1425-50 will attract similar attention.
Just my 2 cents. Whether one likes it or not, Reliance is here to stay and it is a true Indian Bluechip. At 1000 odd it was grossly undervalued and Rerating was just a matter of time. I had vociferously defended this in Nov/dec in some other thread and had categorically stated that we would never find Reliance in triple digits ever till it is involved in some big fraud and proved guilty. Why would anybody not trust Mukesh. We are not talking about Anil. Rs.10000 invested in Reliance in 1977 would have grown to more than Rs.1 crore as per moneycontrol. If that is not creating value then what is. Blue chips can be bought at any levels, in fact buying may be scattered as you cannot call the exact bottoms or tops.

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