is invest bull rt data is correct option.


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my yearly gfdl subscription will ends on 10/08/13 ,

can senior's plz give me suggestion ,
whether manshirt or investbull rt data will correct option to subscribed annually ..............
i know no match for gfdl quality , but as subscription price is high ,
and i want some low budget plan i am not earning , i am a small trader ............
what senior's will prefer whether manshi or invest bull............

i like invest bull more but don't know there cons ...
if any one here , plz advice ..........
I hv been using InvestBulls since its start....2009 Nov. No issues. Happy with it. Suits my needs.
Hi pakatil
Currently I am fetching data from my trading platform using a tool Odin2Ami but I am facing some issues with the working of the tool.

So looking for a paid data provider.
Just want to know about InvestBulls,
Is it real time or delayed.
If delayed then how much delayed it is.
The real time data of InvestBulls.
How the data is stored in Quote editor of amibroker.
Whether it is in seconds or in 1 minute format.
And if in 1 minute then what is first tick, it is 9.15 or 9.16

Will someone please answer my above queries.


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No mcx data from invest bulls, only NSE data.

I think it is 1 min data. Not sure if it is tick data.

I am using Data Fetching Tool, Nest2Ami developed by TJ member Yusi for fetching Options Data.

IBC & Nest2Ami......both will be working in real time simultaneously.

Can't say abt delay from it hardly matters to my trading.


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