Is IndusStox 3 in 1 account a trap ?!

Is IndusStox 3 in 1 account a trap ?

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I am here sharing with you my experience about openning IndusStox 3 in 1 account in Upstox.
Before openning that account, Bank of India was my primary bank account. But after openning that account, Upstox has changed my primary account to IndusInd Bank,without my consent. I dont know that.
After two month, when I tried to withdraw money from IndusInd bank account,a message has appeared that the bank was "lienning" my own money to me. What a joke with me.
Then i decided to close that IndusInd account. A mail in this regard was forwarded to RKSV by me. Then they asked my consent to change my primary bank account. Then the picture of 'a unhealthy nexus' between the bank and broker was clear to me. I felt that i was fall prey to them.
Now i am trying to free from that trap.


Indus Ind has a shady reputation. They are a typical Sindhi bank which will suck you dry with all kinds of loopholes and stuff. Best to avoid them. Upstox of late had been doing pretty badly. It's on a path to descent.