is anyone daytrading on 4 g connection?


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members if anyone using 4 g for trading please share ur experience. is it possible? can t his replace wired bb.
Most full time traders I know have two different internet connections for reliability.
In many areas with good Telco, 4G drops are less but this is very vague statement. You'll have to test it out for yourself.
I am using JioFi, since last few days

Fully satisfied, though sometime speed is low but no issues even at that low speed.
Battery life 7-8 hours continuous usage (without charging in between), may be more
southpaw you are the first person i knew who is using 4g as primary connection how is the experience.are u using it for daytrading ? i think speed wud not be the issue what really matters is the ping which sud be consistent and low i think sud be within 100 ms in india what abt this.have u felt any delay in order excution wen compared to wired bb